Article dedicated to 18 th anniversary – adulthood from more youthful financing Astana – since the 1998

Article dedicated to 18 th anniversary – adulthood from more youthful financing Astana – since the 1998

Every year the new environment standing of your ‘southern capital’ deteriorates dramatically

July 6, 1994 – try closed the newest Quality of one’s Best Council of your Republic out of Kazakhstan “Towards import of money of your Republic out-of Kazakhstan.” Today, which big date are theoretically proclaimed because the Day’s the capital. 1996 – Best Far-eastern, African and you will Eu architects have gained to talk about this new images out-of standard development bundle of your the investment. The new worldwide competition for the best general growth of Astana acquired the japanese architect Kisho Kurokawa. Akmola try stated due to the fact funding off Kazakhstan towards tenth December 1997 of the President off Kazakhstan Nursultan Abishevich Nazarbayev and the Parliament out of Republic off Kazakhstan. This new in the world demonstration away from Astana, while the the latest investment away from Kazakhstan, was held with the tenth June 1998. During the 1999 Astana are provided for the medal and term of City of Serenity of the UNESCO. Today the newest city’s area is more than 7 22 sq. km.

Because of the Presidential ed toward Astana

The original capitals regarding the contemporary, latest and modern history of Kazakhstan was in fact one or two more metropolitan areas from inside the once Alash-kala (1917-1920) – currentntly entitled Semey ( half of section of Alash-kala Region of Kazakhstan was in fact taked removed from Kazakhstan regarding the various other periods from Russian Empire and you can USSR and you will turned into progressive Kemerovskaya oblast – Kemerovo ( Kazakh city Komir kemer interpreted regarding kazakh once the Hill hillside from coal ), Altayskiy Kray – Barnaul ( Kazakh Hills out-of Altai which have Kazakh urban area Boranaul interpreted out-of Kazakh because the town of snowfall-violent storm otherwise town of blizzard) and Altai Republic – Gorno-Altaisk.(Kazakh Slopes regarding Altai with Kazakh urban area Kos-Agash otherwise Kosh-Agash means the brand new trees pair including curtain of your own trees and you can exact interpretation regarding the Kazakh word “kosh” and you will “agash” setting “good-bye, the latest forest”, add up to depending here treeless landscapes) Kazakh Tobol Area fully taked out-of now they a keen territory of contemporary Tumenskaya oblast – Tumen ( Kazakh area Tomen which means that Off), Tobolsk (Kazakh area on river Tobyl which titled once Tobyl-Tura Siberian Kazakh Khan) and you may Novosibirskaya oblast-Novosibirsk ( Sibir otherwise Siberia is actually an effective Kazakh countries from Siberian Kazakh Khanate), Tomskaya oblast-Tomsk ( Kazakh urban area Tombi

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