An average age of sexarcha to own ladies college students are ±step one

An average age of sexarcha to own ladies college students are ±step one

Table 1

Of the final number away from surveyed women students (Letter = 2872) for the BiH, step one,420 (%) had been intimately active ( Shape step 1 ).

83 years, and in reference to brand new universities inside Bosnia and you can Herzegovina at the the first sexarcha are noted when you look at the women youngsters during the Mostar 17.8 ±step ages, in addition to current sexarcha try reported by the female students into the Sarajevo, 18.5 ±1.9 many years ( Shape 2 ).

Intimately effective people pupils inside the 74,forty % cases had intimate intercourses with only you to definitely spouse, and you may 7,seven % of them got sexual intercourses that have about three or more partnerspared so you can the newest colleges, the biggest quantity of lady youngsters which have you to definitely sexual lover was basically at the University out of Sarajevo (80.3%), when you are 12.9% from female pupils had about three or higher sexual lovers. Regarding your usage of birth control methods, 69.4% people youngsters were using birth control in the beginning sexual activity, and you may 66.7% of these were using birth prevention for once sexual activity ( Shape step three ).

Regarding overall matter, 78.8% people (N=100) of the University out-of Mostar made use of birth control initially gender, and 68.8% (N = 144) college students of the College or university away from Tuzla used contraceptive at last gender ( Shape step three ).Continue reading